Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blogging: Not something I am good at

Ok so...

Apparently keeping up to date with a blog is not my forte.

I realised today that this is still linked to pretty much all of my social media, so I figure posting something here might be a good idea. You know, in case someone reads this.

Is anyone reading this?

You! Yes, you! Are you reading this? Hmmm? I'm gonna keep an eye on you...

Monday, 11 June 2012

2 years?!?!?!?

Is it seriously 2 years since I posted anything on here? This must change...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Just a quickee... I know it's been months...

But yeah I have some posts planned, most of which have been sat on my pc at work for ages and never quite gotten around to.

I will be back to regular updates this week. They may even be interesting!

In the meantime, watch this video. It is cool in a nostalgic geeky kind of way. also see if you can name all the famous faces!

Unfortunatly you will have to click the link as embed has been disabled for this video apparently... damn them.

Click HERE!

Monday, 7 December 2009


As I sit here to write this post, one thing occurs to me. I'm getting old. I used to be the case that going to work after staying up all night doing stuff was not a problem, back in my Games Workshop days it was regularly the case. Games Day's in particular we would stay up all night, then take a coach load of overly excited and sugared teenagers up to Birmingham, spend the entire day feigning excitement and shouting "4 plus" across a battle field with a level of enthusiasm bordering on insanity, then somehow manage to reassemble the same frothing childlings that we had brought with us, pile back onto a coach with a decidedly more pissed off driver, drive back to the store, deliver the child matter to their parental units, the get home for about 10pm. Sure that would be a tiring day, but I thrived on them.

Last night I went in to London with some mates, saw a band in Camdon (I know its Camden, but I like calling it Camdon OK?) caught the last train home and went to bed at 2:30am. I then got up, as usual at 6am and came to work. I am now sat here in front of my computer, several coffee's later, trying with all my might to keep my eyes open.

My conclusion is this, at some point, quite without my permission, I have gotten old and am therefore incapable of doing such things as going out and having fun without dire consequences.
So why blog about this? Well the reasons are 2 fold. Firstly I was going to write not one but 2 blog posts today. One of which was intended to be a review of "The Box", the second was a general geekdom update. Secondly, as if to prove my point, I cant remember what my second one was. The point being, that my brain has rebelled and I am pretty much incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence, either typed or spoken. I was tempted to post this unedited, but honestly it was so rife with miss typings and miss spellings that it made pretty much no sense at all.

On the plus side, writing this has kept me awake for a few extra minutes, which unfortunately, today's subtitling task was not. If I remain awake much longer, I will attempt another more exciting post later.

In the meantime click this link to have your brain exploded.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

More Machine than Man...

When trawling the internets for movie related news and stuffs I came upon an article on Dark Horizons about a movie of Machine Man being developed. So obviously I assumed it was yet another potentially cool Marvel adaptation (although based on the relatively obscure nature of the source material, I would probably have safer to assume it would be bad beyond all hope) . However, I was wrong. It was nothing to do with that.

Instead it was based upon a work in progress novel by a guy called Max Barry (who I had never heard of), about an engineer who decides that his body is inadequate, and begins to upgrade himself. (read the article I originally read here). I visited hi hope page and read the first few pages of the "book" online. Before I knew it I had read 30 odd pages and was well and truly hooked. Annoyingly, in a perfectly sensible and intelligent way, only the first 30 odd pages are free then you have to subscribe to the RSS feed for a nominal fee. Being weak willed, I paid the fee and now get a page of the novel emailed to me every week day as well as being able to read it on google feed reader.

Its a great mix of humour, fun and sci-fi elements with a dark core. The main character is equally brilliant, socially inept, deeply disturbed and scarily innocent. His motivations are logical and in his own head (and the story is through his eyes) all his actions are perfectly normal. I would highly recommend giving the first few pages a crack if nothing else.

Anyway, just though I would share this with you as it would be good to compare notes on it with someone else. I am loving it, and really liking the idea behind releasing it a page at a time, although it does have me hitting send and receive on Outlook with increase frequency while waiting for a new page to arrive...

Monday, 16 November 2009

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

Was about to go to bed when I saw this in a random email. Had to share it with you. I want one. Somebody buy it for me now. click Probably old news to most but I don't care.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Clash of the Titans

There were few things my brother and I could agree upon when growing up, but one thing that was guaranteed to always shut us up for a couple of hours was a Ray Harryhausen film. Like most boys we didn't care about such trivialities as plot, character development, editing or acting. All we cared about was if the film was going to have any monsters in it (or nonsters if you were to ask my little brother.)

As we have grown old and jaded I find it increasingly likely that I will actually get on with my brother, which is really nice because it meant that yesterday I had someone to phone up and be excited to when I saw this the first teaser trailer for the remake of the classic Clash of the Titans.

People who know me know that I get excited about films, sometimes a little too excited. I also have a slightly unhealthy habit of watching trailers, sometimes a few times too many. Sometimes I prefer the trailers to the actual film... actually that happens quite a lot... I also delight in showing people trailers I have seen and think they need to see as well (although these days this will generally mean forcing my wife to sit at the computer while I show her trailer after trailer, not unlike that scene in A Clockwork Orange, only to become slightly disappointed when she doesn't share quite the same level of enthusiasm when showing here the third iteration of the new Star Trek or Transformers trailer. But what does she know, she's a Twilight fan... (kidding! love you!) )

Anyway I have digressed... considerably...

The Clash of the Titans trailer has got me all excited for several reasons:
  1. Dude, Clash of the Titans...
  2. It doesn't look totally shite.
  3. It has nonsters in it.
  4. Clash of the Titans!!!!!
To be honest it looks like 300 crossed with Troy with Monsters thrown in for good measure. What i liked a lot was the way the Monsters, particularly the giant scorpions, although blatantly CGI, do look as if they COULD have been done with stop motion. What I mean is they still have that more traditionally animated feel to them. The marketing is also pretty obviously aimed at those who saw 300, but that's not a bad thing. Assuming this film isn't arse, if everyone who saw 300 goes to see it then that cant be a bad thing.
I do have my gripes with what I have seen so far, (my mother has already said that she doesn't want to see it if Boobo isn't in it) but even with those gripes I have still watched the trailer a good dozen times or more since yesterday.
Besides... Dude.... Clash of the Titans...